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Structural strengthening

Freyssinet offers a full range of structural reinforcement solutions:

Additional prestressing

Freyssinet additional prestressing consists of adding external stresses to modify the stress state of a structure and make it serviceable again or reinforce it to increase its bearing capacity.  

Dry process shotcrete

The shotcrete technique consists of applying concrete by using a stream of compressed air to spray dry material through a nozzle, with hydration optimised at the nozzle.

Composite reinforcements

Composite reinforcements bonded using resin to concrete, steel, masonry or timber structures provide a reliable, durable reinforcement solution.

Freyssinet offers turnkey services that include the design, sizing and installation of Foreva® reinforcements:

Carbon fibre fabric reinforcements,
Pultruded carbon fibre strips,
Pultruded carbon fibre rods,
Kevlar fibre fabric reinforcements.

Pannecière dam (France)

Areas of application:

Bridges and engineering structures, dams
Public buildings
Private buildings
Industrial structures
Marine and river structures
Tunnels and arches

Water engineering structures
Ancient monuments